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Black Type Pedigrees

What is a Black Type Pedigree?

A Black Type Pedigree page can be likened to a horse's resumé. Besides the horse's name, registration number, foaling information and 3-generation family tree, one can see at-a-glance the outstanding performers in a horse's family line, along with how this horse compares to other horses.

Both breeders and buyers seek horses with a Black Type Pedigree. A buyer can make a better buying decision and thus get the right horse at the right price.

Borrowing the idea from the racing industry, Robin Glenn of Robin Glenn Pedigrees developed the Black Type Pedigree system for the Western Performance horse market.

How do I read a Black Type Pedigree?

Black Type refers to the boldface font used to highlight the significant and verified achievements of the performers in a horse's family line.

A horse's name in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS refers to Breed World Champions, NSBA World Champions, AQHA / APHA / PHBA Champions, Superiors, NCHA Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum Awards and/or money-earners of more than $10,000.

A horse's name in Bold with the First Letter Capitalized refers to Reserve World Champions, Congress Champions, AQHA Select World Champions, High Point Horses, AQHA / APHA / PHBA ROM's, NCHA Certificates of Ability and/or money-earners of more than $1,500. All other performers appear in regular type.

Also, if a horse is said to be a Brother or Sister to another horse, this means they are a full sibling sharing the same sire and dam. If a horse is said to be a Half Brother or Half Sister to another horse, this means they share the same dam but have a different sire.

Example Black Type Pedigree page:

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Sample Black Type Pedigree Page Registered Name Description Breeding Information 3 Generation Family Tree Performance Record Owner Notes Eligibility Engagements Produce Record Sire First Dam Full Sister Foals of Full Sister Full Brothers This Horse