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Black Type Pedigrees

What is a Black Type Pedigree?

A horse's name in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS refers to Breed World Champions; NSBA World Champions; AQHA, APHA & PHBA Champions, Superiors, NCHA Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Awards and/or money-earners of more than $10,000.

A horse's name in Bold with the First Letter Capitalized refers to Reserve World Champions, Congress Champions, AQHA Select World Champions, High Point Horses; AQHA, APHA & PHBA ROM's, NCHA Certificates of Ability &/or money-earners of more than $1,500. All other performers appear in regular type.

If a horse is said to be a Brother or Sister to another horse, this means they are a full sibling sharing the same sire and dam.

If a horse is said to be a Half Brother or Half Sister to another horse, this means they share the same dam but have a different sire.

Below is a sample Black Type Pedigree page

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Sample Black Type Pedigree Page Registered Name Description Breeding Information 4 Generation Pedigree Performance Record Owner Notes Eligibility Engagements Produce Record Sire First Dam Full Sister Foals of Full Sister Full Brothers Sample Horse